Photobook 「Long Hug Town」

publisher : STAIRS PRESS
・price : 3600yen
・Format : W182 x H128mm x T18mm 176pages Soft cover
・edition : 1000 copies
・issued in 2018
edit : 宛超凡 Wan Chaofan
design : 羅苓寧 Amanda Ling-Ning Lo


ーーーーーー伊藤 俊治 (美術史 / 東京藝術大学先端芸術表現科 教授)


While roaming the city streets at night around Ohta-ku, Tokyo he has a attachment , Takahiro Mizushima feel people's abysmal energy and emotions with all his senses and capture them.

He radiates a relationship between the atmosphere that a place emits and people who live there, and make his own memories and experiences resonate there.

Photographs taken by Takahiro Mizushima vividly depict people - men and women, young and old - who use the street as a place to live, as one huge life from. Mizushima slid into those picture his personal memories during the days when he repeatedly bummed about from his childhood, when he had prepared nothing for the future, and when only the wind-swept self was allowed to exist.

"With snapshots, I can see many things wriggling about.
Just like a man who is about to drown,
I feel like everything in one's life shown in several seconds."(William Klein)

Snapshots are the epitome of life.
Here, memories of events that took place in the past,
people we've met before, and places we lived in are being overwritten many times in the hearts of lonely people who live the present.

commented by Toshiharu Ito (professor in the Department of Intermedia Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.)







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